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We are pleased to announce that Losi 5T 2.0 Owners will be able to order the Utimate Big Bore engines for drop in fitment.

With some updates to the crankcase/carrier design (this is a modified prototype case in photos for demonstration), we can offer you pure RCMAX Big Bore power in your 2.0 Losi 5ive. More photos to follow of a complete new build.

The New Losi platform has brought the centre diff further back and much closer to the engine, however we can still run the awesome new RCMAX V2 Clutch System with a millimeter to spare! Therefore youll be able to upgrade reliably in engine size up to the RCMAX 71cc into the LOSI 2.0 and benefit from the updated driveline angles.

Our RCMAX PRO AM Diff Housings, Shock towers and inner cups fit without issue on the 2.0, so you have a reliable diff option for the power.

In other news we are deep into designing an RCMAX PRO AM LOSI 2.0 Race/Upgrade Chassis, more updates on this soon!

The website will be updated soon with Losi 2.0 Specific engine packages, but in the meantime, just get in touch to order.

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