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About Us

Taylor RC Engine

We are a small company of passionate RC enthusiasts who feel fortunate to have the chance to take the TAYLOR RC engine brand into the future. Also being in the business of constructing and preparing the UKs only Two Stroke Single Seater race cars we have a great deal of relevant knowledge in engine development.

We intend to continue development of the engines to ensure they are always the Worlds Best RC engine and eventually add more products to the line, all of which will match the incredible quality which TAYLOR is famous for!

Any questions, please get in touch.

The origins of our famous engines:

Ray Dawson’s history in engines started in 1968 and he has been building engines and transmissions of all sorts to date from Lister engines to HONDA F1.

For 10 years Ray had been managing the HONDA F1 engine building facility based in Bracknell, UK until Honda decided to pull out from F1. His talents has also seen him work with BORG WARNER marine, automatic transmissions, 4 wheel drive systems and managing the manufacturer of hydraulic steer transmissions for the British Army Challenger Tank.

Rays passion for motorsport lead him to build engines and bikes together with his son Chris.

Chris’s passion for two strokes started when he was 12 with his first bike, a suzuki 50cc, which led him to an apprenticeship in the motorcycle industry, whilst working on bikes his passion grew and when an opportunity in engineering came working within the Oil & Gas industry on fine tolerance, precision machining, this gave him the chance to start to build up his skills and was the next step in being able to manufacture custom parts and build engines.

This passion soon become their business as they pioneered the big bore RC engine industry, the very first 40 and 50cc BZM engines which were sold by MMR are all Dawson designs.

In fact every single big bore RC engine that is currently out on the market has come in some way from an TAYLOR/DAWSON starting point!!! 

Moving forward into the future, we plan to honour this heritage and keep TAYLOR Engines as the market leader and "premier" brand for quality and power.

Taylor RC Engine
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