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Our supply issues with the S6 Cylinders and Monster Exhausts are finally over and solved! We can start to get excited about this game changer shipping out.

With all the extra time waiting for parts, ive had the chance to do a lot more testing hours and tweak the design again. The Cooling system has been further improved internally, its bloody perfect now. We have changed the air intake slots to tiny micro holes for perfect grass filtering and no need for Outerwear's. This motor just never even thinks about getting hot no matter how hard you beat it.

The Starter side of engine has been brought in 8mm narrower with some fan machining so its more compact and also lighter. The clutch bell now has the replaceable screw on end sections for the pinion, so if they wear it's an easy replacement.

In summary, I truly believe this may be the best big bore engine of all time, I'm sure we will end up making even bigger ones in the long term future, but I'm talking the BEST Engine for all the factors that matter.

Its extremely powerful with a super strong torque curve, it starts easier than any other big bore engine on the market guaranteed with no decomp. Fairly easy to tune and holds the tune, much lighter than comparable engines and importantly it stays cool at all times.

Ive not had lady luck on my side the last couple of weeks trying to film some promo footage, so we have a few motors going out early to Darren, Joel and more to follow soon to get the videos for us.

All pre-orders are in build now.


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