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RCMAX 40GT is coming soon

You guys have requested it many times now, so we have agreed to make it a reality, take a first look at the RCMAX 40GT.

Over the last few months we have been experimenting with a variety of cylinders and port layouts to bring the project to life. We have now reached a stage where the dyno is getting very excited and its time to field test. We want this to be an engine that is developed for our customers, by our customers. We will be open to feedback and suggestions as videos are posted and testers give their impressions.

The goals of this new engine are fairly simple, learn from our past experience and the mistakes of others to produce a well-balanced, fairly priced big bore engine which is a nice step up from the 34 reed but not too far to create drive-train issues.

We have mated the successful new short-stroke crankshaft from the RCMAX 55 and a new 40mm cylinder featuring a staged triple exhaust port to give a very wide power-band despite its size. This lightweight and compact combo equates to 40.1cc which is an ideal size for the project. This new small engine has a huge surface area of cooling fins, ready to accept maximum abuse.

The 40GT will benefit from lots of our latest advances like the new unique RCMAX Custom Reed Valve, updated internal crankcase design and dual pawl starter system with a billet pull start. An FS Sintered steel clutch is fitted as standard and the engine will hook straight up to all aftermarket 1/5 scale Clutch Carriers and bells.

Based on current expected production cost, the retail price of the engine will be £800/$995. You can add a pipe and modded carb if you wish or make use of the growing number of new (and used) big bore pipes available on the market to fit a variety of 1/5 Scales.

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