More RCMAX Teasers!

Here are a few more RCMAX Teasers of new parts that are coming soon for the Primal MT, Losi 5ive and HPI Baja. Pricing and release dates will be available in the near future.

RCMAX HD Front Top Chassis Brace for the Losi 5ive - Designed to match our market leading Billet Diff Housings, lightweight yet very strong.

RCMAX Baja Fan Cover Brace for Zenoah engines - Our famous Precision British Machining on this strong, very lightweight design.

RCMAX Baja Rear Engine Mount for Zenoah engines - This Ultra Strong but sexy design will ensure even the most powerful zen-based engines cannot flex under load.

RCMAX Primal MT Beadlocks - These strong Beadlocks will not budge and add some bling to the Monster Truck wheels! Available in Raw or Red anodise.

RCMAX Primal MT Billet HD Steering arm with dual bearings - We noticed on our test truck that the stock steering arm wears on its pivot point under hard use, leaving the steering sloppy. This Upgraded arm rotates on two Heavy Duty bearings to remove the wear point.

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