Kraken RCMAX Clutch Upgrade

Ready in time for the upcoming Kraken KV5TT, we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Vertigo to provide a fitment option of our new RCMAX V2 Clutch system with the Vertigo transmission for all RCMAX Engines. You now have the option to add this when ordering a new engine or it can be purchased as an upgrade package (as pictured). Naturally this only applies to anyone already running the Vertigo Transmission System, but the system is also available to purchase from our store (or with an engine at discount) if you wish upgrade from the stock kraken setup. The upgrade kit consists of an RCMAX 7075 Clutch backplate with hardware, the RCMAX V2 Clutch set and a new 62mm RCMAX Clutch bell made for us by Vertigo to fit directly into their system. Priced at £135.00 To purchase, visit the new RCMAX Engine Spares/Parts section of our website, where you can also find a full range of replacement parts. Detroit RC has received stock today ready to ship out across the USA.

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