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Progress update with the first batch.

We have been very quiet recently, apologies about that, the mountain of work has kept us very busy! As it currently stands we are running behind our desired schedule, the frustrating part is that it is totally out of our hands right now. Some of our custom made components have been delayed and even some cases rejected as they didn’t meet the high standard we want to offer. We refuse to let any engine ship our manufacturing facility unless it is perfect. On the positive side, we now have 27 tanks of consistent hard use on one final layout clutch set which has been run on the 46 and 71 prototypes, the shoes are still in reasonable shape and the spring measures the same length as when it started. The brilliant news is that we have achieved our original goal of keeping it simple and therefore easy to enjoy. The bite on the clutch is really positive now and the more horsepower you throw at it the harder it grips. Feast your eyes on the RCMAX Losi pipe now in Titanium, we cant wait to get one run and fully blued up! 

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