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The subject of a US Distributor has come up a number of times since we first announced the re-launch of the RCMAX billet reed engines.

Both myself and the Dawsons greatly respect the passion that our American friends have consistently shown for RCMAX and its design. To take the engines forward and promote them in a fitting manner suited to the brand, we need an individual and a business that matches this ethos.

I am pleased to announce that Detroit Performance RC will be from this point forward acting as the official US distributor for all RCMAX products. John Temelko has a very similar attitude to ourselves and we have been extremely impressed by the customer service he has built up a reputation for.

As a side note, all pre-orders placed by US customers with RCMAX direct will be fulfilled as agreed and shipped direct. All future enquiries from US based customers please go through Detroit Performance for all your pre-orders and pricing enquiries.

We are now taking deposits for engines from the first batch, demand has been better than expected so if you havent been in touch yet and would like to secure a place within the production schedule please get in touch with your appropriate Distributor:

Australia and New Zealand: Crazy Stu Designs USA: Detroit Performance RC Rest of the World: RCMAX Direct

Over the coming weeks we will be shipping out some parts stock so that existing RCMAX owners can rely on fast backup for their spares requirements.

Lets get it on!

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