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Engine Development Progress

While successful clutch testing has been underway on prototype engines, we have been busy making progress on the updated production crankcases.

Case design is moving forward, we have made some tweaks to overcome the small issues that have come to light over years of hard use on RCMAX motors.

We are changing to German double lip crankseals to provide better protection from the elements. The O-ring groove in the cases which caused a weak spot is being removed in favour of a high-temp flange sealant as used on modern Rotax race engines.

PLEASE NOTE THE PHOTO ONLY SHOWS A PART FINISHED CASE (assembled without dowels)! The completed cases will be as beautiful as before but stronger, marginally lighter and a more reliable design overall.

More pics will follow as the final case design takes shape before production runs.

Furthermore to answer all questions regarding the updated clutch being retrofitted to existing RCMAX engines, as it currently stands this will be possible on all engines that were sold with the old HD clutch. A Clutch kit price will be available in future.

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