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Re-Release of the famous RCMAX engine range.

We are making excellent progress along the road to re-release of the RCMAX Billet Reed engines. Our supplier network is pretty much settled and components are now either in stock or currently being made to order.

RCMAX UK are pleased to announce that Crazy Stu’s Design and Fabrication is now the Official RCMAX agent for Australia and New Zealand. Stu is well respected in large scale circles where his eye for detail and wealth of personal experience with both RCMAX and general large-scale motors has been invaluable. Therefore we believe Stu is the perfect man for the job to supply, support, and co-develop the next generation of RCMAX motors and accessories.

RCMAX will also be taking on stock of all popular Crazy Stu Products, and as such the Crazy Stu intake system which will be available as an optional extra on all engine packages with pricing TBC.

For all other worldwide enquiries, please contact us direct at RCMAX in the UK. We have a great relationship with UPS and can have engine packages or spares shipped to your door anywhere in the world, and in a matter of days.

We have built upon the incredible motors as previously developed by Dawsons Two Strokes, and have had success from further R&D across the entire range. We look forward to sharing with you photos and videos of our high

performance clutch and motor prototypes in action in over the coming weeks! Safe to say, the few remaining weak points from the past have been dealt with accordingly.

Both RCMAX and Crazy Stu are now accepting written pre-orders for engine packages (with pricing of reflected below) so that we can gauge the interest between engine sizes. Note however that no payments will be taken until accurate delivery dates are confirmed in the very near future.

RCMAX can now confirm pricing on the below packages:

* RCMAX 46cc Engine complete with choice of Walbro 990 or WJ71 carb, RCMAX pipe, and fully revised HD clutch system. £1480

* RCMAX 71cc Engine complete with Walbro WJ71 carb, RCMAX pipe, and fully revised HD clutch system. £1650

* The RCMAX 65 Engine will not be available as soon as the others, as it needs more testing and will most likely be available only as a fully ported motor in order to get the best from the radical bore/stroke combination.

All packages will come with the Cylinders machined for optimum port timings as advised by Chris Dawson with data taken from the best RCMAX engines of the past. This can then be enhanced further with extensive port work if desired.


* Complete Titanium Exhaust System for LOSI (others to come): add £150 * Complete engine porting by Chris Dawson himself: add £250 * Billet Pull start cover: £60 * Crazy Stu Intake System: TBC

Production is on track to allow shipping of the first batch at the end of June, but we are prepared to push this date out if required - as we openly admit we won't be rushing anything to ensure consistency and the best results for our customers. On behalf of the new team at RCMAX and Crazy Stu Designs and Fabrication, we thank you for your interest and look forward to a high-powered future!!

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