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The Ultimate Walbro Small-Block RC Carb is here (and suits some smaller big bores). Exclusive to TAYLOR RC, this is a custom modified and bored carb manufactured by Walbro in Japan for us.


Works superb on all 30.5-40cc High performance RC Engines. Really wakes up 32-34cc Reed/PP Engines and of course was purposely designed to compliment our 35cc Small Block.


The 1257 is the only Walbro Carb with custom factory Offset boring developed and tested by TAYLOR throughout the first half of 2022.


Base Carb settings:

1 3/8 LOW and 2 HIGH 


Your final tune will depend on Elevation, fuel, humidity, engine specs, exhaust etc.


When designing and ordering this carb, we didnt hold back, we ticked every single option available and even added a custom offset over-boring developed to our requirements!  Flow bench tests have proved the venturi is still the limiting factor in an 1107 style choked carb, so why not leave the handy choke and open up the bottleneck!


This all means the WT1257 offers 7% more CFM (stat from Walbro) over the carbs using a 13.5mm venturi (1048/1107/1254 etc). And of course even more flow than carbs using a 12.7mm venturi (603/813/990/1242 etc).  As stated by Walbro this is the maximum


WT1257 Spec List:

  • Custom Bored Venturi by Walbro (equivalent 14mm Venturi)
  • Spiral Diaphragm
  • Teflon Gaskets (metering and pump)
  • Throttle Shaft Dust Seal upgrade
  • Anti-wear shaft washers
  • Ethanol Resistant Bulb
  • Tuning needle clamp
  • HD Bulb retaining plate
  • Other internal fueling, filtering, sealing and metering mods

WALBRO WT1257 Extreme Performance Carb

SKU: WT1257
PriceFrom £86.95
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