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120652B Hex Drive bell.
DBXL/RCMK/Baja Hex Drive Steel Vented Clutch bell.
- 37 years of RC Experience has taught us that keeping a clutch cool and clean means less maintenance and frustration.
- Using our successful Hex key format we have designed a killer Clutch Bell Pinion set up for the DBXL/RCMK/Baja with High Horsepower engines.
- Huge 9mm hex key means no broken bolts and with the large 6mm retaining bolt there will be no worries of clutch bell failure
- Tapered face for greater integrity where the shaft meets the bell.
- 1.5mm wall means there is less flex and the bell will last longer.
- Large vents at the side/face the extract clutch dust (and dirt when using an open carrier) to keep your clutch running clean, smooth and efficient.
- Machined from 1 piece billet steel, Vertigo Clutch Bells run true
- Checking clutch wear without removing the bell is as easy as looking through the vents.
- 3 vents ensure your clutch stays as cool as it can when running hard
- Access holes to adjust clutch should you be running an Elcon Performance clutch.

When used with the DBXL/RCMK
*Requires Vertigo Performance 121121, 121122, 121123, 9mm pinion gears
When used with the Baja
*Requires Vertigo Performance 62117, 62118, 62119, 62120 9mm pinion gears

This product is compatible with the HPI Baja and fits many aftermarket clutch covers and carriers..
Compatible with Lauterbacher clutches

(Compatible with DBXL/RCMK/Baja)

Vertigo DBXL/2.0 HD Steel Clutch Bell

SKU: 120652B
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