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Building on the success of our hugely popular Front and Rear bumpers were now proud to introduce the UberRC Front Chassis Brace Bumper, Like the rest of the range this bumpers made from 6mm thick black Polypropylene and has been designed primarily with bashers in mind and features 6 mounting points.


2 big bolts underneath are the main mounts and go up and through the chassis kick up locking into the Anti Roll bar mounts or if you dont have Anti Rolls then simple Nylocs, this offers a good solid mounting.


Then the 2 smaller bolts underneath go through additional holes in your chassis to offer complete protection to your kick up. The 2 bolts on top go down through the light pod holes which are hidden below the nose cone, this gives enough rigidity but still enough flex to take a solid impact and flex back into shape.


This is the ultimate Baja bumper and no basher should be without this to protect their Baja and Chassis. There's simply no other bumper on the market to rival the strength of this bumper.

UBER RC Chassis Brace Front Bumper.

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