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Introducing Turtle Racing’s RidgeBack A-Arms for the TLR 5IVE-B and Losi Mini WRC. The RidgeBack A-Arms are CNC machined from Billet Plastic, not injection molded to shape. The type of plastic the Ridgebacks are made of is tried and proven material for A-Arms, very tough but still flexible. With the success of the Ridgeback arms for the Losi 5IVE-T and the PhatArms for the Baja these arms now round out the entire offering from Turtle Racing for those looking for a no compromise solution for their TLR Buggy. Designed as a direct replacement for the stock arms you can expect an arm that will hold up to the demands that a 1/5 off road race platform needs. Available for both front and rear.

Turtle Racing "Ridgeback" Rear A-Arms for TLR 5ive-B Buggy

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