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Our new super powerful tuned exhaust for the Losi 5T,5T 2.0 and all styles of MCD MAX Cars.  It also fits the Rovan LT trucks, 30N DTT and KM Short Course Trucks.


NB. MCD Competition spec (shorter chassis) will not work with this pipe


Very well suited to Zenoah 32/34cc Full Mods, our Taylor 35cc and Rovan 36cc engines.


This pipe brings loads of mid range power to move the big truck with minimal sacrifices to rpm. The design and stinger outlet size is aimed totally torwards the Tuned G320 and 340s  + bigger.  You will probally be best with another brand if your running the stock 29cc

TAYLOR LOSI 5T/2.0/MCD Max 34cc+ ZENOAH Pipe

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