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The Ultimate Pinnacle of Small Block RC engines is here, you really cant get any better than this bad boy!  Check out our youtube channel for video proof! 


Our new V2 Cylinder is cutting edge, perfected over the course of time with input from both Taylor and the unnaturally talented DCR in the USA. It provides an extremely high output version of the already successful Taylor 35cc V1 engine.


Then for this top spec model we have gone and combined it with an industry leading 3D Machined Reed case design to squeeze the absolute max performance out of the platform! Our case has complex transfer ports, a unique intake flow path and a nice lightweight design.


Spec Highlights:

  • Lightweight 35.2cc Billet Reed Engine
  • Custom Taylor V2 Cylinder with massive transfers, boost and Bridged exhaust port.
  • Custom Taylor 38mm Piston, extremely high quality and thermally stable
  • High Compression Removable Billet Head.
  • Custom Bonehead Reed Setup - Oversized Cage/Petals to industry std zenoah reed engines
  • Custom Drop Forged +5mm Long-Rod Full-Circle Stroker Crankshaft
  • Improved cooling system via new casting materials and V2 rotor.
  • Universal Billet Vented Clutch housing incl in price
  • Supplied with carb gaskets, heat isolator, clutch backplate etc as standard.


When setup and tuned correctly, this beast is plain and simply more powerful than any tuned Zenoah Style 32-38cc from any brand on the market, end of story.

TAYLOR 35cc V2 Billet Reed Engine

PriceFrom £669.00
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