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We have been developing this bad boy for the last 2+ years.


We are happy to offer this unique design to the industry as a first, and cannot wait to see the tyre-shredding community get on board.


It comes matched perfectly for our Full Mod range of carburettors, but it can also be used on stock carburettors.


The stack has a double seal surface for the DT1 air filters, which increases the reliability of the engine.  It also grips the filter in a way where in the event of a hose clamp failure, the filter will remain in place.


Increased torque and rpm are both available from the same stack, and with more efficient cooling this V stack is a trump card you can add to your arsenal.

Matched perfectly to our RT High Temp Gasket and superior sealing surface for better gasket crush, this sets a new level for high performance.


We recommend the RTE Super Flow Line Kit to be used with this velocity stack.


Kit Includes:

1 x RTE Super Charger Velocity Stack

1 x RTE High Temp V Stack Gasket

2 x Mounting Bolts - 5mm x 55mm


Suits:  All WT series carburettors

Rooster Tail Super Charger Velocity Stack

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