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TAYLOR is ALL about innovation for moving the hobby forward and this was a sweet project to solve a simple yet really frustrating issue for DIY Hybrid builds!


NB. This bracket is designed to bolt directly onto the Bonehead RC Baja Wheelie bar (which 95% of you will end up needing for your hybrid anyway). So it simply ties the Losi Rear Bumper into the Baja Bumper brace and Bonehead wheelie bar brackets so offer a super solid fitment. If you dont want to run/purchase a complete wheelie bar then you can simply purchase a set of his wheelie bar brackets only and they will offer the mounting points.


Whether your building your DIY Hybrid from the new RCMAX Hybrid Chassis OR from a total DIY method of bolting a Baja rear chassis plate to a Losi chassis. Youll encounter one really painful problem! How to mount the Losi rear bumper to the Baja back end (and of course therefore the rear losi cage mounting points).


Well the problem has now been solved with this simple yet genius little bracket and P-Clip system.  As you can see in the photos, simply remove the bottom section of the Losi Rear bumper and then cut off the tower mount part of the Top section. And mount the bumper to the new bracket via the 4x P clips as shown.


Then the bracket/bumper assembly bolts onto the Bonehead wheelie bar brackets/baja bumper brace as shown in the CAD Render to tie it all together for extreme strength via the 4x mounting holes.

TAYLOR HYBRID Rear Bumper / Cage Mount Bracket

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