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Supplied as the central hex-locker, bearings + 2 x diff cups to suit your choice.
The permanent solution to smashed Baja Diffs/pins and also the shortage of genuine HPI bevel gears. The TAYLOR Hex-Lock kit for the HPI Baja (and Losi/Baja Hybrids). The Locker unit weighs only 99grams, so its much lighter than a stock diff setup with gears etc too for less rotating mass. 


In our 1:1 Superlite brand single-seater cars (aswell as many other off road buggies and racers), we run 200HP+ through a solid axle with a quality driveline, so why not our high powered RC Cars?


The current issue with locking your diff is the 4mm diff pins are still the weak point and snap with big power. Well we have totally done away with the internal diff pin and instead are driving on a 1/2" hex which simply won't break. This transfers the weak point out of the transmission and back to either the grip of the tyre or the 5mm wheel hub pins (which are super easy to replace).


The HEX-LOCK kit was made to suit the Bulletproof IRC UHD Drivetrain, but to remove any temptation to copy the idea etc, will also now have a HEX-LOCK kit to suit the Godzilla drivetrain available too. (see pics of both). (slight surcharge for ALX edition simply as more material required)


TAYLOR Hex-Lock Ultimate Locker for the HPI Baja

PriceFrom £99.75
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