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Primal RC Raminator Monster Truck PM13130 MEGA TORQUE 130KG High Voltage Digital Brushless Steering or Brake Servo.  This is the Ultimate Steering Servo or Brake Servo Upgrade for the Primal Raminator. These servos are built to last and turns the huge Primal Raminator Truck tires with ease!


Direct fit, just bolt them right into the stock mounts. 


Tech tip: Make sure to adjust your steering endpoints (EPA) on your transmitter so that the servo at full turn is not pushing the steering linkage against the servo mounts, usually about 85% EPA works good


 Can fit many other 1/5 scale RC cars trucks and buggies also!



Full CNC Metal Case and all Metal Gear 8.4V(MAX) 130kg Brushless Motor Digital Servo

Max Rotation Angle:180°

Pulse width:1000-2000µs=90°

Pulse width:500-2500µs=180°

Dead band: 4µs    1520µs / 330hz       

Motor: Brushless Motor

Operating Speed (6V): 0.15sec/60°

Operating Speed (7.2V): 0.14sec/60°

Operating Speed (8.4V): 0.13sec/60°

Stall Torque (6V):

Stall Torque (7.2V):

Stall Torque (8.4V):

Dimensions: 65.8mm X 30mm X 58.8mm

Weight: 260 g

Connector Wire Length: JR  265 mm (10.43in)

Bearing: 2BB   

Gear teeth:15T               


Package Included:
1 x Servo
1 x Bag of Accessories

Primal RC Mega Torque 130KG Brushless Servo

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