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First Designed by OCBAJA (the originator of the Losi/Baja Hybrid) and 7075RC in the USA! Then further Developed by ourselves via community feedback and machined to our industry leading standards.


The V3 chassis has recieved some big upgrades over previous versions, extra bracing ribs machined into the design for reduced flex. But the large change is a provision for the new V3 Spine brace that now comes with the kit. This spine brace requires the use of the TAYLOR Losi Front Chassis brace to connect the front and rear of the car with one consistent central bracing section.


This is truly a stunning piece of Engineering and "RC Porn" for anyone looking to build the Ultimate Losi/Baja Hybrid car.


A Semi-Roller Hybrid kit, supplied exactly as shown in the photos.


The semi-roller kit pictured above comes with the following

3 piece chassis with front and rear inserts

Engine brace

Tranny plate

Camber links for front and rear

Front and rear hub carriers

Front steering knuckle with axel

Front end  carrier

Front and rear hinge pins and hinge pin retainers

shock towers for front and rear (drop style rear no onwards as universal to all engines)


Needed to complete:

Baja Transmission including extended dogbones and cups

Brake set up from a baja

Gear plate for a baja

Baja linkage- (yamadude is reccomended)

two servos- one steering and one throttle (you can utilize a smaller throttle servo or the standard size)

Battery tray for a losi 5ive

Front and rear Losi bumpers

hubs for a losi (you may also utilize the BRP adapter hubs for a losi)

Cage and body for a Losi 5ive

Wheels & Tires of your choice

Steering assembly for a losi

Losi front chassis brace

Steering Turnbuckles for Losi

Losi gas tank

OUTLAW V3 Hybrid Semi Roller Kit

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