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We use far superior glue to any other company that we know of, most use normal rc tyre super glue. Our bonding agent is a Specialist glue developed for our Genesis Foam-less Wheels, proven beyond all doubt. 


This is for one pair of 180mm MCD Astro-Max Hard Compound Tyres with foams fitted onto MCD disc wheels and fully glued ready to use


This pattern and compound is excellent for soft wet dirt and lush grass areas.


A fantastic upgrade for the losi 5t, 5b, dbxl, kraken vekta and even a hpi baja.

We run these tyres successfully with big bore engines and have found them to be the only wheel/tyre combo other than BRPs to handle the horsepower.


Extremely lightweight yet reliable (see weight per piece in photos)

(HD glued) MCD 180mm ASTRO MAX Hard Compound Tyres on Disc Wheels

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