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The new gold standard high performance tyre from the well established MadMax tyre brand.


Developed following years of success from their Giant Grip range, the new Super Hogs are high grip, strong construction and extremely good quality rubber.


Spec List:

  • HD Nylon 8 spoke wheels with HD beadlocks x 4
  • MadMax HD Foams
  • Full set of Beadlock screws pre-fitted
  • 2x Super Hog 186x83mm Rear Tyres pre-mounted on the MadMax 8 spoke wheels
  • 2x Super Hog 186x64mm Front Tyres pre-mounted on the MadMax 8 spoke wheels


Ideal for HPI Baja 5B, Rovan Baja, Kraken Vesla or maybe a Hybrid with narrower fronts etc platforms.  Supplied completely fitted and ready to bolt on!


Been using these Super Hogs on a personal level and the new Belted Giant Grip Tyres, on my 35cc and 46cc Losi 5Ts and cant believe how good they are, and a wicked price, got the Taylor stamp of approval.


Supplied as per the photos, fully mounted on proven Mad Max wheels with their HD beadlocks in black.

MadMax Super Hog Baja Front/Rear 186mm Spike Wheel/Tyre Set (4)

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