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Kraken RC X2E extended arms kit is a direct conversion kit to any stock HPI Bajas with no modifications. This conversion kit not only gives you a cool extended and scale look to your builds, but adds extra stability due to it’s wider stance. Extended arms also make your Bajas a little more fun to drive whether you are racing or straight out bashing. These molded arms are lightweight, tough and can handle any driving conditions you may throw at them. Kraken RC X2e molded arms kit is also a lighter option compared to aluminum. 

Note: Driveshafts are not included in this kit. We recommend the IRC UHD Extended Driveshaft kit as its not too heavy but offers superb strength. However all Extended Baja shaft kits will work perfectly.



Parts Included in this Kit:

  • 2 Rear lower arms
  • 2 Rear uppers arms
  • 1 set of M6 x 60mm


Technical Specs


Extends the Baja wheelbase by 2” / 5 cm

Molded Arms - Dupont Super Tough MADE IN USA Blend Polymer

Kraken RC X2e Molded Arms - 614 grams / 1lbs 5 oz

Lightweight Aftermarket Aluminum Versions - 968+ grams / 2lbs 2oz+

KRAKEN X2E Rear Extended BAJA Arm Set

£79.95 Regular Price
£74.95Sale Price
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