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Kraken Vekta Dual Steering Servo Kit! That's right! You can now drop in two high torque servos into your Vekta without worrying about the plastic mounts. We've had many requests for this setup since we put our our original V1 servo mounts.
This kit comes complete with our fully machined 6061 Aluminum servo mounts, 6061 Aluminum M4 Servo Clamps, and install hardware. We've teamed up with Inertial Racing Products (IRP) who are supplying the included heavy duty link. The IRP links are one of the best on the market and include left and right hand threaded Chromoly steel rodends! The link is super beefy with rolled tapped threads. Not only are they built for abuse but they look superb along with our machined components.
You will need to cut off the stock plastic servo mount tabs on your radio box to use this kit. Kit allows you to bolt your servos directly to the chassis and removes all the flex that is seen with the stock plastic mounts. 
You must use matching servos and servo arms. This is a critical point. If you do not use matching servos and arms, one servo will then "push" the other and cause it to burn. Our kit gives you all the hardware components needed. 
You will need to purchase servos, servo arms, and a Y Splitter. To use the stock Kraken servos we recommend an additional Kraken servo horn(KV4441) 25T. To use Hitec D-845WP servos we recommend using the silver DDM servo horns included in the box(HT192) 15T Course. 
Install instructions and pictures are available here.
3-Machined Aluminum Servo mounts
1-Assembled IRP Aluminum link and spacer bushings
4 M4 Aluminum Servo Clamps
6-4x12 FHSC
9-4x12 BHSC
1-4x25 BHSC
1 M4 Nyloc

FULLFORCE/IRP KRAKEN Dual Steering Servo Kit

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