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Detroit Performance RC upgraded brakes for the Losi 5T 2.0 and TLR 5ive B.   We are very proud to bring this product to market after many months of testing and development.


These brakes were designed specifically for the Losi 2.0/5B so there is no modifications required like other aftermarket options.  We've eliminated the binding and rubbing on the brake pad springs as well as making the Brake Pad holes properly sized for the stock brake bolts to fit. (unlike RCR etc)


These premium drilled and grooved stainless steel rotors have more cooling than any rotor on the market helping logevity, stopping power and reducing brake fade.  The pad material that we have developed will also work harden during normal use, to provide industry leading service intervals!


These beautiful precision brakes are made in the USA and work as good as they look. 

Detroit Performance Upgrade Losi 2.0/TLR 5B Brake Kit

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