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DDM premium 9500 super high stall high-RPM clutch spring for Zenoah and Chung Yang engines with 54mm clutch. Designed for RC use. This upgraded spring, custom-made of top-quality materials in the USA, offers unparalleled reliability and performance. Stock spring engages at approx 6000 RPM; this spring is 40% stiffer for clutch engagement around 9500 RPM. The clutch will begin to touch at around 8500 rpm, with full engagement around 9500 rpm. Improve your off-the-line power with a higher engagement RPM!

Note: This super high stall spring is designed primarily for racers. For a spring that is better for all-around use, but still a higher stall than stock, check out our 7500 RPM spring (DDM Part # gt220)

DDM Premium 9500 Clutch Spring 9500

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