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Top of the Range British made CNC Upgrade parts kit for your HPI Baja from Bonehead RC. This combo kit is supplied with the following:

1x 6mm Carbon Ultra HD Front Shock Tower

1x 4mm Custom Front Shock Tower Brace for 6mm HD Tower

1x 4mm LH Engine Mount Brace

1x 4mm RH Engine Mount Brace

1x 4mm Rear Upper Transmission Plate

1x 4mm Standard Front Shock Tower Brace

1x 4mm Rear Brace

1x 4mm Top Brake Plate

1x 4mm Front Upper Plate

1x 4mm Rear Shock Tower Mount

1x 4mm Rear Shock Tower Brace

1x 4mm Rear Chassis plate

1x 4mm Hinge Pin Brace Set with bronze bushes (see seperate photo not in main pic)


These parts are machined from 4mm thick, high quality 3K weave Carbon Fibre sheet with a high gloss finish to both sides. Other than the HD Front Shock Tower which is made from 6mm thick carbon with a matching custom front shock brace to suit it.


You may see other Carbon kits on ebay etc but they dont have as many parts as these kits so the price cannot be compared!


Extremely strong yet far lighter than Billet alternatives.


BONEHEAD RC BAJA carbon fibre combo kit

PriceFrom £324.50
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