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Brand New design 7" Tall slicks from BRP


This kit is the extreme maximum width set available for the HPI BAJA. The fronts are the 3" wide and Rears 4" wide version of the new taller BRP slicks in Series 6 Compound. Some body trimming may be required depending on what cage you are running.


This is sold as a complete kit to fit onto your car, including the billet wheel adaptors, studs, washers, plates, nuts etc.


The Series 6 BRP Slick pattern, soft enough for maximum traction but durable enough to give long life! No other 1/5 scale slick comes close or looks as good!


Bishop Racing products manufactures each tire by hand and offer premium compounds that outlast competitor tires.


No more ballooning or tires coming off the bead locks. Works extremely well with all the big HP engines. These are complete wheel/tyre assemblies as one, simply remove your stock wheel hubs and fit the 4 stud adaptors supplied, then bolt the wheel/tyre onto the car securely for long term reliable use.


These are the only reliable option when running the new generation ported RCMAX engines.

BAJA BRP 7" tall racing slicks - complete

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