Finally i can share some exciting news about the upcoming RCMAX 80 SUPREME Package for the Awesome new Primal RC Monster Truck!

For the last few weeks, my Truck, Final Prototype engine and custom exhausts have been lost/missing somewhere in the UPS distribution system. Up until two days ago i had pretty much resigned to having lost the whole lot, when it finally showed up on a hub sweep in London!!! Almost snogged the Driver when he just delivered the fairly battered looking box! Anyway at long last, all the pieces of the puzzle we have been working on behind closed doors can go together to create a complete animal of a 1/5 scale.

See some teaser photos here of the 80 Supreme kit and huge new mega-torque exhaust. The engine and new custom clutch/transmission housing are perfected, but note that the intake manifold will be angled down below the fuel tank for production and the exhaust system is only mocked up temporary, we will alter all the mounting brackets and stinger outlet position for safe and proper fitment. All being well, she will be up/running for better pics and videos over the weekend!

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