New Engine Configurations Available!

With the awesome new V3 62mm Clutch and HD Pull-start comes two new engine options!

Firstly we can now reliably offer an 80 Supreme Kraken Edition! This will be an engine for experts of course due to the sheer output and high compression for starting, but now you Vekta/TT owners who want to go crazy can do just that!

The whole 80 Kraken package INCLUDING exhaust weighs in at just 4.54kg, this is a thoroughbred performance setup.

And Secondly in a few weeks time an Ultra Light-weight 71 Supreme Engine for fitment into HPI Baja and Losi 5T cars (incl the 2.0 5ive-T.)

Best Suited for lighter builds and of course a perfect fit for a Baja with Bonehead carbon parts! This motor will be running extreme timings focused on an explosive top end with over-rev.

The 80 Supreme Kraken complete package is £1945 and the 71 Supreme V3 62mm package will be £1745.

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