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The RCMAX 55 joins the party!

We hope this announcement comes as a real surprise, nothing teased but been in the pipeline since last November, allowing enough time for development without the pressure of a release date.

We have just brought you an earth shattering monster with the RCMAX 90, so here is a different and innovative approach to a big bore RC engine.

Please welcome the Badass Rock Queen of the 50cc class: THE RCMAX 55

We extracted all the juicy bits of the RCMAX46, pumped them with steroids and threw in a big helping of Chili Sauce! This new and unique engine has a crazy Bore/Stroke Ratio of nearly 1.5, which makes it a complete Screaming Banshee of a Big Bore Billet Reed Motor.

This is now the highest performance and highest rpm engine on the market in the user friendly 50cc class, guaranteed. This is due to the Modified Stage6 47.6mm Racing Cylinder with extensive R&D on port timing and matched combustion dome, built on a new super short stroke foundation. Throttle response is almost instant and she is able to spool up to nearly 19,000rpm under load with the correct tune and setup. 

The fuel is supplied by a Mod WJ71 Carb with choke, she is a greedy motor due to the extensive port durations and needs plenty of CFM!

This engine is available as a complete package for the BAJA, HYBRIDs, VEKTA and LOSI. (See Pics - optional Fonzie Pull start extender shown on Losi/Baja engines)

The Kraken Vekta package is priced at 1390GBP/1895USD and the BAJA, LOSI Packages are 1550GBP/2095USD which includes an RCMAX pipe, Billet Pull Starter, Billet Head, WJ71 Carb, Crazy Stu intake system (losi) and the complete proven 62mm RCMAX Clutch system.

If you would like to order please get in touch, we can deliver in circa 3-4 weeks as we have had time to get all the custom components prepared.

Please note: This does not mean the RCMAX46 is retiring, far from it! The 46 is still our pride and joy, and the dominant player in the 40cc class. When ordering a 46 now, it has become a “build your own experience”.

RCMAX 46 prices now start at 1150.00 with a pipe and clutch.

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