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In reaction to lots of feedback on this subject. We would like to confirm plans going forward regarding engine numbers.

The overwhelming opinion was in favour of starting fresh, the Dawsons are perfectly happy with this, so we are pleased to announce this is exactly what we will be doing.

In order to make it even clearer we will be keeping the different engine sizes on separate number sequences. This should mean that it is instantly recognizable for us all in future the exact ID and spec of each engine. This will also help clarity when we bring out different engine sizes in future and restart each of those from number one.

In order to avoid any confusion with the first generation of RCMAX engines, we are looking at relocating the engine number and adding the engine size to the ID.

Everyone who has pre-ordered an engine will be issued their engine number based on the timing of their confirmation. We will be in touch with you guys to let you know in the near future.


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