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130933 Upper link mounts are now available.
We include 2 Socket head cap screws due to the design of the Vekta Diff housing. The rear cover has to tighten up to the diff housing to keep it sealed and at the same time tighten up to the upper link mount to keep it from moving, this requires some extra torque. In doing so we found it was easy to strip the smaller screw heads of the button head screws so we opted for a beefier bolt head. 

- Extra material was machined out of the front of the mount, this is to offer clearance for the links when one side or both sides are at full compression. 
- The underside has been machined to shed some wait and we have also machined the underside to cradle the top of the diff case. 
- We machined in a nut capture so that only an allan key is necessary to install the link mount bolt. 

1 - 130933 Link mount 
2 - M5x50 Socket head Cap bolts

Vertigo VEKTA 5 Rear Upper Link Mount (130933)

SKU: 130933
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