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Introducing the UberRC Servo Support Brace for Losi 5T - X Large Servos.
This is a lightweight yet incredibly strong brace designed to mount on top of the Steering Servo. It eliminates unwanted play in the Servo Horn which can result in stripped gears or a burnt out servo.
Made from a High Strength PLA Plastic using a Manufacturing technique known as FFDM - Fused Filament Deposition Manufacturing. As a result its amazingly strong but still lightweight. Once fitted you can literally carry a Losi 5T by holding just this brace.

Designed to fit straight onto all large servos ie Savox, HiTec, K Power, Hilantronics etc.

This kit comes with a pre fitted high grade bearing to enable smooth servo horn movement and alloy bushing, along with all relevant bolts for quick and easy fitment.

UBER RC LOSI 5T/2.0 HD Steering Servo Brace

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