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The Team Chase rear shock tower brace is a long awaited for part that replaces the stock tower that is prone to several issues found on all HPI baja models including the 5b, SS, 5t and 5sc. The first issue with the stock part is the fact that the very important rear shock brace mounts to this area and simply just screws into plastic with no nuts for reineforcement. This is a very significant issue as a lot of weight and stress is put on this area. The Team Chase Rear Shock Tower changes that by adding dual nylock nuts to each brace mounting points.


The other feature of this brace is that its over build, sturdy and plastic. No more need for heavy billet replacements, this ultra stong plactic tower is extra light weight and will for sure be the choice of every basher worlwide.

Team Chase HPI BAJA Rear Shock Uprights

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