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A totally innovative Taylor Upgrade your Kraken Vesla.5 Gas or Electric, this part was born from a personal feeling that for High power Vesla builds, or hard bashed ones, the chassis could do with some extra bracing in the centre of the car, to prevent any bending or bowing. 


So we created this trick 3D machined brace which braces right through the middle of the car and also incorporates the fuel tank mount. A lot of time and effort went into making this brace look good, while solving a potential problem that could occur from hard use.


We have also added two new M4 holes at the front of our new brace, allowing us to at a later date make another brace which fits to the Throttle servo mounts (we may make billet ones to suit this), so that the bracing effect can be transfered right from front to back of the car.


Supplied with correct fitting hardware in Bright Zinc plate.

TAYLOR VESLA Billet Chassis Centre Brace

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