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Our innovative new Pin-Less solution to Baja and Hybrid wheel hub and cup issues! This is the upgraded V2 kit with unbreakable Steel hubs, forget forever your outer hub drivetrain issues, there is and wont be anything better on the market!


In production 5th Scale there to our knowledge has never been pinless outer driveshaft cups.  But with our new design we have totally removed the wheel hub pin which is always so troublesome when running powerful engines.


The power from your engine is transfered to the wheels via our unique hex-drive cups and clamp-on billet hubs. A bit like premium karting wheel hubs in racing but tbh even better!


Snug tolerance and extreme clamping force means as long as you use a little loctite on the two M5 bolts per hub, they are never coming off either.

No more broken pins, no more broken outdrive cups (they always break where the pin hole is cut through)

TAYLOR BAJA V2 Hex-drive Outer Cup / Hub Kit

PriceFrom £109.75
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