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A Complete spare billet HD pull starter, ready to fit, for all TAYLOR BIG BORE engines

THIS DOES NOT FIT THE TAYLOR 35CC (or any other small bore RC engines)


(two options now for V1/V2 -  V1 is Engines with the RCMK Dual Coil Ignition and V2 is the new engines with the Oppama Coil)


If your engine has one single grey coil bolted to the case, then its V2 you need


If your engine has a black coil on case and then another black coil on a bracket attached to starter, then its V1 you must order.


This comes with our new HD Billet Pulley, “diamond-cord USA” rope and upgraded HD spring for the Ultimate reliability.


Choose from Standard Losi/Baja fitment, Kraken Vekta/TT fitment or Extended.


PriceFrom £69.50
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