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We are very proud to release this masterpiece to solve all the chassis related headaches of a DIY Losi/Baja Hybrid Build! Premium British Engineering that you can rely on as with all RCMAX Upgrades!


Check out our new Hybrid rear Bumper mounting bracket, really useful for all Scratch Hybrid builds using this chassis or even a total DIY chassis, making it easy for you to mount the Losi Rear Bumper to your Hybrid (Baja) Rear end.


CNC Machined from a solid 6082 Billet and supplied with a replaceable 7075 Front insert section (from our Losi 5T chassis), its extremely strong yet lightweight due to the clever pocketed design.  The RCMAX Hybrid chassis works out 16% lighter than a friends DIY Chassis made from bolting a stock 5ive-T chassis to a Modified RC Baja Rear chassis!


The Chassis has all Rear baja and front losi mounting points perfectly laid out for a successful wheelbase. It also has extra holes at the front to allow the use of the TLR 5B Dual servo tray if you wish! And finally there are two M6 holes at the clutch side in front of the engine which allow you to use the "Outlaw Clutch Side Engine Brace" to strengthen your build properly.


In simple terms, the "Hybrid" is the combination of the Rear end of the HPI Baja, with the middle and front end of a Losi 5T.  The result is a car which has the stability, handling and easy of maintaince that the 5IVE-T platform offers, plus the Ultra durable Baja drivetrain system!

In order to build your Hybrid from our Chassis plate, youll need a complete Baja engine, drivetrain and Rear End/Suspension setup. Plus a Losi 5T Radio tray, fuel tank and complete front end Steering/Suspension setup. Of course, no Losi drivetrain is needed, just an empty Losi front bulkhead to base the front end around.


There are some awesome Hybrid kits out there, for example the "Outlaw Hybrid Semi-Roller" kit, but we realise its very expensive and potentially heavy being all billet. Our chassis gives a strong, clean and affordable starting point to build a lightweight DIY Hybrid to suit your chosen budget!


Some CAD Renders are shown in the photos for example with the new RCMAX Billet Baja Rear end upgrades to give you an idea of how the Baja rear end sits on the chassis.


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