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Check out our stunning new V2 TAYLOR BILLET BAJA HD Gearbox withupdated externals to ensure maximum possible compatibilty with all Stock and other aftermarket Baja parts!


All the pieces of the case are an extremely precise fit, both dowelled and lipped, to solve alignment/fitment problems. There is zero flex even when running big HP! This precise fit also means there is no grease leakage during use. Finally the rear section is attached with M5 10.9 strength bolts top and bottom for strength.


For all big bore owners, we have allowed more clearance at the back of the engine so there is no more grinding down the front of the gearbox to prevent rubbing the crankcase.


As requested by our customers for easy assembly, the bearing fitments inside the Front two halves of the case are hand push in fitment, so in an ideal world we recommend some mild bearing locker to remove the tiny 0.02mm play that we have left you so that you dont have to use a press. The bearing tolerances however are still tighter and far more consistent than other billet boxes on the market.


Total gearbox weight 245grams.


The gearbox includes a Billet Cap to cover the Layshaft bearing hole and all zinc coated hardware.

TAYLOR V2 Billet HD BAJA Gearbox

PriceFrom £129.75
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