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Optional CNC-machined 6061 T5 Alloy servo stands are included as standard


Introducing the XL Kraken Vekta Battery Box 2.0: Your ultimate solution for securely storing large-capacity LiPo batteries and electronic components. Expertly CNC-machined from a solid block of Aluminum 6061, our battery box features a unique slide-on lid design for easy access and maximum convenience.


Not only is our battery box stylish, but it also delivers top-notch performance. Offering a substantial 65% more space than the stock Kraken Vekta battery box, our design remains within chassis boundaries and won’t interfere with large diameter wheels. Enjoy your Kraken Vekta bashing sessions uninterrupted!


Designed to accommodate large 2s LiPo batteries, the XL Kraken Vekta Battery Box also features an additional compartment for essential Kraken Vekta electronics, such as your Killswitch and Receiver. Please refer to dimensions for 4s LiPo batteries.


Our all-inclusive kit comes with everything you need for seamless installation:

  • New 2024 Upgraded Dead plug design for maximum reliability
  • All necessary hardware for attaching the box to your chassis
  • PVC grommets to protect against debris and water splashes; simply make a small slit for wire access into the electronics compartment


For added convenience,  our optional CNC-machined 6061 T5 Alloy servo stands are included, compatible with all major 5th scale servos. Upgrade your Kraken Vekta with our high-capacity battery box and elevate your rig to new heights.

Johnny Crash XL Kraken Vekta Billet Battery Box 2.0 (plus servo stands)

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