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This is the first Carbon Chassis to feature a Heavy Duty 6mm kick up, all our tests have shown this area to be the weak point on the Baja Chassis no matter what the material, we've succesfully got around that issue by incorporating a massive 6mm into that front kick up, adding enough strength to take the abuse you give it.

And being pure Carbon Fibre means it allows it to not only flex, but return to shape perfectly each and every time.

Unlike other Carbon Chassis' on the market ours is also a first when it comes to its construction, made from Pre-Preg Carbon its painstakingly constructed to absolute tolerances and then Compression moulded using a whopping 180 tons of pressure. The result is as near perfection as humanly possible giving a truly flat surface and incredible strength to weight properties.

Spec on the Chassis is:

  • Pre-Preg Carbon.

  • Compression Moulded using a 180 Ton press.

  • Heat Treated & Machine finished.

  • 4mm Quasi Weave throughout for maximum strength.

  • 6mm HD Kick up for superior strength and stiffness.

  • No slots apart from the radio gear slot, why force people to relocate their switch, now you dont have to and our tests have shown this means the chassis is as strong as possible.

  • Finished to perfection both inside and out.

  • Around 400g total weight

This truly is the ultimate Carbon Chassis for the Baja available on the market today. No longer is a carbon chassis reserved for racers or shelf queens but now bashers alike can benefit from shedding weight but are still able to run their Baja with the confidence our HD Chassis brings

UBER RC HPI BAJA Carbon Fibre HD Chassis

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