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These are for the Vekta using 8mm shock bolts


The best limit straps in the business. HD Galante shock straps.  These straps are fully adjustable, double stitched for strength with a breaking strength of 1400lbs. Nickel plated 3/8” inch buckle to prevent corrosion, slippage and breakage. These straps have specially designed and machined 6061 aluminum mounting bolts for ease of installation. your choice of 7 different colors for your Specific vehicle  


What do limiting Straps do?

  • Strap limits the overall travel of the shock to your preset length .
  • Prevents shock from overextending that could cause shock damage.
  • Prevents the droop screw from hitting the chassis causing damage
  • Helps to reduce the A-arms from bowing/braking


Included in the kit 

Qty 2 Shock Mounts ( 8mm thread)

Qty 4 3/8 Nickel Slides

Qty 4 Straps (Choose your color)

3/8 Nylon Strap 



Galante HD (8mm) Limit straps for Vekta.5 and Vekta TT

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