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This set of steering turnbuckles fit the Original Losi 5T, KM X2, 30N DTT, ROVAN LT trucks.

(If you are running the ADI setup you need to order the 2.0 turnbuckles instead)

Fonzie has been making bespoke Turnbuckles at request for many years but now he has teamed us with RCMAX to produce his designs with our famous industry leading machining.These monster links are a true billet 6082 machined hex NOT extruded hex stock bar with the middle turned down then finished off with the very best chromoly steel rod ends from McGill in England.

The rod end inserts are machined from quality brass and pressed in before shipping for proper non-sloppy fitment.

Supplied with a complete 10.9 strength zinc plated fitment kit and nyloc nuts.

FONZIE GODZILLA LOSI 5IVE T Steering Turnbuckles

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