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Mounts to Standard WT Carb Velocity Stacks or TAYLOR WJ71 Velocity stack.


DT-1 has teamed up with TGN to bring an exclusive line of foam filters to the Large Scale Industry. DT1 has quickly become the filter of choice by many profesional teams in all types of motor sports. Including the likes ofJames Stewart and many others. Dyno tests have shown superior performance over other brands of foam filters and most importantly they run cleaner.

The Losi 5IVE-T does not allow for a lot of room for larger filters due to the limited space between the carburator and the roll cage. So TGN and DT-1 teamed up to make a extra wide and low profile filter so bashers and racers alike can get the maximum air flow while also offering the best engine protection on the market. This low profile foam filter is built with the famous and proven 3 stage foam our idustry has become to trust in the most demanding conditions. Diameter of approximately 3.5 inches and height of approximately 2.25 inches including the base.

This filter is designed for the Losi 5IVE-T 4WD kit, there are other cars and trucks this filter would work well with.

NOTE ON CLEANING/MAINTENANCE: DT1 does not recommend using straight gasoline, No Toil brand, or any cleaner using an alcohol base for cleaning these air filters. Cleaning with those products will cause the elements and base to separate

DT1 Dome Triple Stage Filter for Losi 5ive

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