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Detroit Performance RC upgraded brakes for all brands of Baja & Hybrids.   We are very proud to bring this product to market after many months of testing and development.


NB: Kit is supplied with optional packing Shim (not always required depending on the brand of car and brand of upgrade parts fitted - check when fitting)


Our drilled and grooved stainless disc design provides better cooling ensuring premium grip when you need it.   Plus the unique profile gives consistent performance in both wet or dry conditions.


We have learned from our experience of other aftermarket brakes and tweaked the pad thicknesses for longer life, provide better brake cam angle and finally more thermal stability. The pad material that we have developed will also work harden during normal use, to provide industry leading service intervals!


These beautiful precision brakes are made in the USA and work as good as they look. 

Detroit Performance Upgrade Baja / Hybrid Brake Kit

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