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Machined from 100% genuine carbon fibre layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength and reliability.


MCD W5 max front tower machined for max strength and light weight, saving is 35% off the stock FT-R tower not the Max so would be around 40% like for like.


A perfect fit for easy maintenance no over sized holes, I believe in making parts better not worse than stock, and wiggle room just makes for a crapy part that allows slop and movement in a crash or roll fact.


To make sure these towers fit in-between the diff housing a small skim cut may have been done, this is to ensure a perfect snug fit.


Finished off with the famous BoneHead-RC logo, so you know it's quality assured through long term time proven products.


Picture showing how BoneHead-RC products get tested, true quarry bashing big air jumps not to mention the insane power of holding up to BIG BORE power.

BONEHEAD MCD W5 Carbon Front Shock Tower

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