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Machined from 100% genuine carbon fibre layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength, reliability, and longevity.


These upgrade carbon fibre Losi 5ive b CV guards protects your cups from un wanted debris entering the cup area, resulting in rapid worn pins and cups.


When you don't run guards they can also get wrap in grass resulting in more wear not only the cups and pins but also the gears and clutch have a hard time.


Worse of all it's a right ball ache to get the grass off, and sometimes it's just easier to remove the dog bone.


Comes with 2 bushes 1 for each side for a proper fitment, see picture for fitting of bush, and 2 longer bolt other inferior brands don’t even supply a bush.


Also added bling with the famous engraved bonehead rc logo.


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